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Telecommunication Services / Equipments | Bihar | TID: 15419437
1 Value: INR 4.95 Lakh | Supply of Computer stationery Items - A4 Size Paper, Hp 12a Laserjet Toner, Cartidge, Hp 13a Laserjet Toner, Cartridge, Hp 51a Laserjet Toner, Cartridge, Hp 43x Laserjet Toner, Cartridge, Samsung Ml-2010d3, Toner Cartridge, Brother Tn1020 Toner, Cartridge, Pen Drive.  | Due on 13-Oct-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Education And Research Institute | Punjab | TID: 15435300
2 Purchase Of Equipments And Other Items - Gamma Ray Spectrometer Nim Bin, Nai(Tl) Detector Coupled To Photomultiplier Tube And Pre Amplifier, Spectroscopy Amplifier, Mca, Power Supply, Computer System Preloaded With Mca Software, Vacuum Pump Oil Free, Bet Surface Area Analyser, Analog Multi Meter, Digital Multimeter, Digital Storage Oscilloscope(50mhz), Stirred Cell Assembly, Shear Force & Bending Moment Diagrams For Simply Supported Beam Equipment, Day & Night Ir Bullet Camera, Vandal Proof V.F. Ir Dome Camera, Ir High Speed Dome, 4-Channel Standalone Dvr, Rack Server, Poe Injector & Adaptor, Armored Optical Fibre Cable (sm 6 Core), Optical Fibre Cable (sm 12 Core), Armored Optical Fibre Pigtail/Connector Sc Type (1 Meter), Optical Fibre Patch Cord Sc To Lc (sm 3 Mtrs), Liu 24 Ports With All Accessories Loaded Wall Mount Type, Liu 12 Ports With Couplers & All Accessories Rackmount Type, Liu 12 Ports With Couplers & All Accessories Wall Mount Type, Supply Of 32 Mm Hdpe Pipe, Analog Electronics Work Station, Wireless Sensor Network Kit, Monochromator, Modes, Wavelength Range , Wavelength Accuracy , Wavelength Reproducibility , Source Lamps , Stray Light , Resolution , Photometric Range , Photometric Accuracy , Sample Type , Detectors , Baseline Flatness , Noise Level Uv/Vis , Noise Level Nir , Spectral Bandwidth (nm), Computer System, , Adhesive Tape Brown 2’’ 50 Mtr Each Roll(Cello, Black Board Duster Omega 1561, Chalk Dustless Kores ( Each Box 50pc), Daily Receipt Reg.200pg Neel Gagan/ 90gsm Ledger Paper, Dispatch Register 200pg. Neel Gagan 90gsm Ledger Paper, Drawing Pin Plastic Coated Oddy, Eraser Natraj, File Board With Flapper 9 ½ X 13 ½, File Cover Printed With Institute Name , Flapper 4’’X27’’ + 1 Cloth Lined, Fluid Pen Corrector Renolyed , Green Sheet Pad 90 Gsm 21x34cm Balarpur Each Pad 100sheets/ Make (as Sample, Marker White Board Art-Line 500/Oddy, Page Marker Oddy/ 1’’X3’’ 50x3(150 Sheets) In 03 Color, Paper A4 75 Gsm Bilt, Paper A3 75 Gsm Bilt, Binder Clip 25mm Oddy , Pilot Pen-V5 Luxor, Poker National 8" Plastic Handle, Rulled Reg. 192pg, Slip Pad 80pg Neel Gagan 33 Nos (22’x14’, Stamp Pad Ashoka 110x70mm, Stapler Hd-10d Kangaroo, Stapler Hd-45 Kangaroo, Tag White (10pkt Of 25tags In Each Bundle), Transparent Tape 1" 50mtr(Cello , Sharpener Natraj , 16 Labels Per Sheet Size 35x51mm Oddy , Staples No.10-1m (20x50) Each Pk, Staples No.24/6 (20x50) Each Pkt, File Cover Plastic China Strip, Scale Plastic 12’’ Natraj, Envelop 10x4/ ½’’ Printed With Institute Name Taj Mahel , Envelop 10x4/ ½’’ Window Printed With Institute Name, Envelop 10x12’’ Printed With Institute Name L, Envelop 16x12’’ Printed With Institute Name, Fevi Gum Kores 15gm, Glue Stic/ Fevi Stic 15gm, Gum Bottle Kores 150ml, Paper Cuter Best 103, Punch Dp-280 Kangaro, Pencil Natraj, File Ring Binder Sweety, Index File Plastic Cover Sweety Ssc, All Pin National, Cdr Sony/Hp, Dvd(R) Sony/Hp/ , Computer Stationery 132col. 110gsm Century, Dak Pad , High Lighter Luxor, Legal Paper Bilit, Paper Weight( Acrylic ) 50x50x30mm, Model Of Printer, Dc Power Supply.  | Due on 14-Oct-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Sugar | Uttar Pradesh | TID: 13616682
3 Store Handling work.
Supply of Electrical Items, Hardware Items, Air Compressor & Spares, Black Polythene & Other Packing Material, Boiler Chemicals, Numering Tag, Paint & Warnish, Brass Liner, Wire Netting, Cane Cutting Knives, Cane Weighbridge & Spares, Connecting Rod, Hopper Strips, Centrifugal Machine Spares, CI/GM Items, CI Hub for Fiberizer, Door Oliver Shaft, Fire Fighting Equipments, Local Materials, Heavy Chemicals, High Flow Pump & Spares, Hydraulic Spares, Lab Chemicals & Apparatus, Lubricators Spares, Machinery Items, Oxygen & Industrial Gas, PVC/FRP Cluster For Spray, Rubber Goods, Sugar Weighing Scale & Spares, Tel Bar & Transmission Gear Shaft, Vacuum Filter Spares, Welding Accessories, Cleaning Equipments, Computer & Spares, Computer Stationery, BG Set Spares, Uniform Cloth, Shoes, Gear Coupling, Gear & Bear Pump, Hard Cock, Local Iron-Steel, Soil Testing Lab Chemicals & Apparatus, Vibro Machine Spares, Boiler Refractories & Boiler Instruments.
Stacking & Covering of Bagasse.
Making of Bagasse Bales.
Cleaning of Boiling House.
Boiler Ash Removal works.
Filling, Stitching, Weighing & Stacking of Brown Sugar.
Cleaning of Vacuum Filter, Lime Station, Juice Clarifier, ETP, Spray Pond & Molasses Tanks.
Sinking of Brown & BIS Sugar.
Lime & Sulfur Related works.
Seed & Rody Related works.
Cleaning of Sprocket & Tel Shaft of Cane Carrier.
Cleaning of Cane Carrier & Rack Carrier.
Painting & Transportation of Weighing Scale.
Printing work on Bags.
Cleaning of Quad & Pan.
Repair work of Stacker.
Filling, Weighing & Stitching work of Sugar Bags in Dryer House.
AMC-ACFC & Imbition System, AVR/ACB, 5 KVA UPS, Networking & Hardware Computer, Bag Stitching Machine/Sugar Weighing Scale, Electronic Weighbridge, Centrifugal Panel, ETP & Vet Type Scuber Operation.
Motor Rewinding.
Electronic Weighbridge Related Fabrication works.
Dynamic Balancing & Ultrasonic Testing works.
Repair of Pinion & Shaft.
Thruster Repair.
Bagasse Shifting works.
Fabrication Related works.
Repair work of ID Fan.
Cement & Civil works.
Repair & Supply of Alicone Gear, Reduction Gear, AC, Refrigerator & Shaper-Machine.
Providing of Manpower Services.
Providing of Security Services.
Fiberizer Related works.
Boiler Fabrication, Hadder & Modification etc works.
Transportation of Sugarcane & Fertilizer.
Sugar Handling works. (Scanned Image - Hindi Tender)
 | Due on 15-Oct-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies | Pakistan | TID: 14617484
4 Supply of Stationary, Misc. Consumable & Non-consumable items and Computer Stationery items (Photostat Machine's Toners, Laser Jet Printer's Toners, Fax Rolls etc.) for the official use of Narcotics Control Division during the Financial Year 2015-16.  | Due on 31-Jul-2016  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Security Services | Multi State | TID: 15194710
5 Procurement of Stationery for 17 Corps Signal Centre Including Computer Stationery, Printing Of Directories, Forms etc
Unified Network Management for 17 Corps.
 | Due on 11-Oct-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Petroleum Products | Sri Lanka | TID: 15329141
6 Supply of Materials and Services - 1) Air-Conditioning Equipment, Batteries, Bed Sheet, Computer Stationery, Computer & Accessories, Corrugated Cartons, Light Machinery & Tools, Pharmaceuticals, Tyre & Tubes.
2) i) Construction & Repairs to Buildings, Driveways, Yards, Removal and Installation of Steel Storage, Tanks, Laying of Pipelines and other related Construction work. ii) Mechanical/ Electrical/ Tinkering & Painting/ Auto AC/ Wheel Alignment of Motor Vehicles. etc.
 | Due on 31-Oct-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Municipal Corporations | Sri Lanka | TID: 15392210
7 Supply of 1. Air Conditioning Equipments for Buildings, 2. Air Conditioning Equipments for Motor vehicles, 3. Aluminuim Products, 4. Artificial Plants & Flower Pots (Made from Cement, Concrete, Clay, Plastic etc.), 5. Audio Visual Equipments, 6. Ayurvedic Drugs and Herbs etc., 7. Bags (Office bags, Brief cases, School bags, Leather bags etc.), 8. Bamboos, 9. Batteries, 10. Bitumen & Lunbricant, 11. Canvas Materials etc., 12. Ceramic Products & Glassware, 13. Chemical and Disinfectants & Pesticides, 14.. Coir Broom, Ekel Brooms, Mops Ceiling Brooms, Coir Mattresses, Mats etc., 15. Computer & Photocopy Accessories (including Toner Ribbon etc.), 16. Computer, Printer & UPS and Networking, 17. Concrete Posts, Pre-Cast Concrete Curbs, Cylindrical Pipes Half Rounds & Drain Pipes, Concrete curbs, Interlocking blocks etc., 18. Curtain Cloth Rexine Curtain, Railing, Hooks, Fittings etc., 19. Synthetic and Rattan Cane, 20. Electrical & Electronic Appliances ( Refrigerators, T.V. Electric kettles, Fans, Water Boilers etc.), 21. Electrical Items, 22. Fertilizer & Chemicals, 23. Fiberglass Materials, 24. Fire Extinguishers & Other Safety Equipment, 25. Flags, Corner Flags, Bunting etc., 26. Garden Benches and Water ponds, 27. Gully covers, Manhole covers, 28. Hardware Items, GI Pipes, Split Cane, Cotton Waste & GSW Pipes etc., 29. Insecticide, Weedicide and Pesticide etc., 30. Items related to wood Polish, Varnish etc., 31. Laboratory Chemicals, 32. Laboratory Equipment, 33. Landscaping Materials, Grass Sods & Coir Dust, 34. Machinery & Equipments, 35. Medical Equipments, 36. Metal Sand and Bricks, 37. Minor Tools & Equipment, 38. Mobile Phones, 39. Motor and Auto spare parts, 40. Office Equipment including Typewriters, Roneo Machine, Photocopiers, Calculators, Adding machines etc.), 41. P.V.C. Cables, 42. P.V.C. Corted Mesh, Wire Mesh and Other Mesh Items., 43. P.V.C. Pipes and Fittings etc., 44. Paints, 45. Plants & Tree, 46. Plastic Materials, 47. Plywood Sheet, Plywood Doors & Paint Brushes, 48. Printed forms & Computer Stationery, 49. Printing Ink, Printing Paper, Mono Metal & Other Material Required for the Printing Press, 50. Rain Coats, Gum Boots, Badges Epaulets etc., 51. RCC Poles and Cable Tiles (LT & HT), 52. Ready Mix concrete, 53. Sanitary ware, 54. Slaked Lime Boiled Lime & Yellow and Other etc., 55. Sports materials, 56. Stationery, 57. Steel & Wooden office Furniture, 58. Survey and Drawing Office Materials, 59. Timber, 60. Trophies ( Souvenirs, Plaques, Medals, Badges etc), 61. Tyres and Tubes, 62. Uniform Materials & Foot Wares, 63. Western Drugs.  | Due on 30-Oct-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Insurance Services | Gujarat | TID: 15412677
8 supply of computer stationery, general stationery, computer consumables and printing of various forms/ proforma for the year2015-16.  | Due on 15-Oct-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Insurance Services | Gujarat | TID: 15419841
9 Supply of Computer Stationery, General Stationery, Computer Consumables & Printing of Various Forms/ Proforma For The Year 2015-16.  | Due on 15-Oct-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies | Kenya | TID: 15422824
10 Pre-Qualification Of Goods And Services For The Year 2016/7, A) Supply Of Goods, 1) Office Stationery, 2) Computer Stationery, Hardware, Software & Consumables, 3) Vestments, Gowns & Staff Uniforms, 4) Hardware Material, Electrical & Plumbing Items, 5) Text Books & Reading Material, 6) Security Equipments E.G. Metal Detectors, 7) Office Furniture & Equipment, 8) Fresh Flowers & Potted Plants, 9) Supply Of Toners, 10) Meat & Poultry Products, 11) Dry Foods, 12) Cooking Gas/ Charcoal/ Firewood, 13) Carpets, Upholstery, Blinds & Related Items, 14) Firefighting Equipment, Servicing & Training Services, 15) Assorted Groceries. B) Services Providers 1) Renovators, Decorators & Fabricators, 2) Supply & Hire Of Tents, 3) Repair & Maintenance Of Generators, 4) Party Services (bouncing Castles, Clowns, Stage Light, Smoke Machine), 5) Motor Vehicle Repairs (garages) & Supply Of Tyres & Batteries, 6) Repair & Maintenance Of Building, 7) Printing, Promotional & Branding Services, 8) Laundry And Dry Cleaning Services, 9) Catering Services, 10) Supply & Repair Of Electronic Equipm Ents, Projectors & Audio Equipments, 11) Plumbing Services, 12) Supply Of Security Services & Equipment, 13) Retreat, Guest Houses & Conference Centres, 14) Computer Equipment Repair And Network, 15) Garbage Collection, 16) Travel Services, 17) Courier Services, 18) Asset Coding / Tagging And Labeling, 19) Supply, Repair & Maintenance Of Air Conditioning Equipment, 20) Supply, Repair & Maintenance Of Air Conditioning Equipment, 21) Signage And Outdoor Advertising, 22) Video & Photography, 23) Supply & Maintenance Of Telephone Equipment, Fax Machine And Pabx, 24) Insurance Brokers/ Agents, 25) Cleaning & Sanitary Services.  | Due on 08-Oct-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
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