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Security Services | Delhi | TID: 10540440
1 Annual Rate Contract for supply of computer stationery -HP Printer Cartridge Inkjet Black C-4844 (10A), HP Business Printer Head for 1000 series 4810B, 4811C, 4812M & 4813Y (11 No.), Epson Cartridge Inkjet Black T0851N (Black), CD-R (Sony) 100 in pack, DVD-R (Sony) Jewel pack Individual, RAM 2GB DDR-I, II ,Optical Mouse, Cordless Mouse, 320 GB Hard Disk (Seagate), Hard Disk 500 GB for server (Seagate), External Hard Disk 500 GB, Teflon Tape for HP 2500 Printer, Taflon for Printer Make Cannon LBP 3460, Wireless USB Keyboard with mouse (Logitech/HP), Key board USB type (Logitech/HP), Key board cordless (Logitech/HP), Key board PS/2 type (Logitech/HP), Computer Speaker 2.1 (Intex), Computer speaker with amplifier (Intex), DVD RW (Read/Write) device (Samsung/LG), Cat 6 cable (D Link) (Roll of 305 mtrs), RJ 45 Connector (D Link), Information Outlet Cat-6/IO Box (D Link), LAN Card 10/100/1000 (Intex/D-Link), SMPS Unit for All brand PC, Port Switch 8 port (D-link), 2 port USB printer sharing switch (D-Link), Fax Roll Sharp FO-650 (pack of 02 roll ), Power Cord (02 Mtrs), USB Printer Cable (02 Mtrs), USB Extension Cable for PC (02 Mtrs), USB port extension cord (02 Mtrs), USB port with Hub (02 Mtrs), VGA Splitter (04 port), VGA Cable with male female (1 Mtrs), 4 Port printer sharing Switch. | Due on 26-Apr-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Banking and Mutual Funds and Leasings | Karnataka | TID: 10583605
2 Application For Enrolment Of General Printers, Security Printers, Manufactureres Of Files, Envelopes, Plastic Files/Covers, Plastic Cards, Corrugated Boxes, Continuous Computer Stationery Sheets. | Due on 15-May-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Labour And Manpower | Punjab | TID: 10613060
3 Supply of Computer Stationery Items – Colin Spray, continuous Stationery, CD RW, CD R Box, CD marker pen, duster, CD plastic cover, CD Mailer, Printer tonner, Fax machine. | Due on 12-May-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Dairy Products | Maharashtra | TID: 10359355
4 Supply of Computer Stationery As per technical specification Xerox Paper, toner, computer paper, cartridge, printer, ink, risograph master roll etc. | Due on 30-Apr-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Security Services | Andhra Pradesh | TID: 10465729
5 Purchase of Technical / non Technical Stores, Spares - Accessories and spares of HF/VHF/UHF, BEST telecommunication equipments manufactured by BEL, Sanchar comn. systems, Vertex, Kenwood, Motorola, Codan, Adino and Applied Comn & Controls, Electronic exchange, telephones, different type of Multi cables, Earthing Materials, PA equipments and EPABX spares / cards, Test Instruments, Computers and its peripherals, Printers, spares for Computer/Printers, Ribbon/Toner cartridges, Stationery items and computer stationery, Generators up to 30 KVA, main battery charger, SMF battery charger, voltage stabilizer, CVT, UPS, Inverters, SMF Battery 12 Volt 100 AHC, 12 Volt 26 AHC, 12 Volt 7 AHC, Li-ion Batteries 7.2 Volt for VHF 5 Watt Radios, HHSL / HHMD, Work shop / technical tools, battery charging materials, distilled water plant, sulphuric acid, Spares for all Radio Equipments and electrolyte etc, Different types of antenna, aerial poles / masts, aerial feeder wires, co-axial weather proof wires, Carrying harness for man pack Sets and lightening arrestor etc, Different type of electric wires, cables, electrical items, ladder, rubber mat, expendable items viz; Araldite, quick fix emery paper, soldering flex, soldering wire and different types of dry cells etc, M.T. spare parts, paints, hygienic / sanitation items, spare of bicycles and fire extinguisher, Various types of clothing items and steel trunk etc for force personnel, all types of furniture, consoles, seating arrangement, sports items, lime/ Geru, blades, Metal polish, Boot polish, gunny cloth, water filter, Boards various sizes / types, Nails, Brooms, water cooler, water barrels, Buckets, chapatti making Machine and TV, Air conditioners etc.
Repairing/Annual maintenance contract of telecommunications equipments i.e VHF/HF/UHF Radio sets, EPABX, test instruments and other sophisticated equipments.
| Due on 30-Apr-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Other Services | Uttaranchal | TID: 10535470
6 Supply Of Various Items Of Stationery Including Stationery For Photostat And Computers For The Use In High Court Of Uttarakhand – Call Bell (Sharp-102) Per Pec, Add Gel Refill - NB-R 20 (Blue, Black, Red) Per Pec, Pilot Pen Ink (Blue, Black, Red & Green) Per Pec, Cello Gripper Refill (Blue, Black, Red & Green) Per Pec, Zotter Refill (Plastic) Blue, Red & Black (Reynolds) Per Pec, Pen Stand Pen Refill - Blue, Red & Black Per Pec, Zotter, Luxorpacking Cello Tap (Brown & Transparent), Ink Rubber (Erazer) - Kavita Per Pec, Eraz-Ex Per Pec, Kores, Camel, Pilot Pen (V5) Blue, Black, Red & Green Per Pec, Pilot Pen (Hi-Tech) Blue, Black, Red & Green Per Pec, Add Diamond Roller Pen Per Pec, Add Diamond Roller Refill Per Pec, Add Gel Pen (Achiever) Blue, Black & Red Per Pec, Cello Gripper Pen (Blue, Black & Red) Per Pec, Pen Stand Pen (Luxor) Per Pec, Gum Tube, Glue Stick, Fevi Quick, Sketch Pen (12 Pcs. Of Pkt.) (Red & Green Colour) (Luxor), Hilighter, Colour Sketch Pen (12 Pcs. Of Pkt.)- Luxor, All Pin (Bell) (70 Gm.) Per Pkt, Stapler Big, U-Pin (100 Pcs. Of Pkt.)- Corporate (Plastic Covered), Punching Machine, Clip Board (Omega), Table Top (Size- 16-X22” Thickness 10 Mm.), Scale, Corporate File Cover, Envelope, Register, Photostat Paper, Paper A3, Type Paper (500 Sheets Of Ream), Board Files, Pen Stand KBI, Staples (Pin), Tags - Cotton (Big) (Green Colour), Self Sticking Removal Page Marker, Cello Tape, Calculator, Table Glass, Waste Paper Basket, Paper Tray Single, Stamp Pad Ink, Paper Weight, Letter Pad, Paper Cutter, Paper Cutter Blade, Pencil, Checking Pencil (Nataraj) (Red-Blue) Per Pec, Pencil Cutter - Nataraj Per Pec, Driver Log Book (Bharat) (220 Pages Approx.) Per Pec, Needle (Big) – 5 Inches- Per Pec, Permanent Marker Pen (Black) - Luxor Per Pec, OHP Marker (Luxor) Per Pec, Sketch Pen - Luxor (Black) (12 Pcs. Of Pkt.), Omega Paper Tray (Office Paper Tray) - Art No. 1739 - Utility Per Pec, Correction Pen - Kores 6 Ml. Per Pec, Gum Bottle Camel Per Pec, Photo Glossy Paper, Slip Pad, Documents File Cover, Packing Sheet - Coloured Plastic, Brown Sheet Per Pec, Stationery Utility Tray (Omega Or Altop) Per Pec, Card/Hard Board Thick Per Pec, Card Sheet - 22- X 28- Per Pec, Binding Cloth (Red & Blue), Per Meter, Rexene Paper (Red, Black, Purple, Blue) Per Meter, Fevicol Per Kg, Scissors (Kangaroo) Per Pec, Knife (Big) , Needle Big (Suee) Per Pec, Thread (Big Real 100 Gm. Cotton-) , Brush 2 Inch Per Pec, Desk Calendar Stand - Kebica Per Pec, Table Calendar Stand KBI/Kebica Per Pec, Judgment Paper, Stamp Pad, Suja (Borer) Wooden Handle (National) Per Pec, Short Hand Note Book (Bharat 120 Pages) Per, Reynolds Gel Racer Pen Per Pec, Reynolds Gel Racer Refill Per Pec, Magnifying Glass 75 Mm Per Pec, Cello Pin Point Pen Per Pec, Cello Pin Point Refill Per Pec, Transparent File Cover Per Pec, Non-Dust Eraser (Rubber, Reynolds Fine 045 Pen And Refill, Damper With Cap, T Pin (50 Gm), Pen Stand Date, Binder Clip (Oddy) (1 Box Of 12 Pieces) Per Box, Parker Roller Ball Pen (Blue & Black), Sealing Wax (Special Quality) (1 Box Of 10 Pcs.) Per Box, File Cover Ring Binder (Worldone SKU No. RB400) Per Pec, Magnetic Pin-Clip Dispenser (Sharp-113 No.) Per Pec, Add Gel Classic Pen (Blue, Black & Red) Per Pec, Add Gel Classic Refill (Blue, Black & Red) Per Pec, Platinni Pergo Ballpoint Pen (Cello) (Blue, Black, Green & Red) Per Pec, Platinni Pergo Ballpoint Refill (Cello) (Blue, Black, Green & Red) Per Pec, Aura Metal Ball Pen (Luxor) (Blue, Black & Red) Per Pec, Aura Metal Ball Refill (Luxor) (Blue, Black & Red) Per Pec, Guard File, Photostat Machine Toner, Computer Stationery Items, Items Name, Compact Discs Recordable (CD-R) Per Pec, HP, Moserbaer, DVD-R Per Pec, Moserbaer, HP, Sony, DVD-RW Per Pec, Moserbaer, HP, 56 No. Black Ink Cartridge HP, 57 No. Colour Ink Cartridge HP, 56/57 Combo Pack Ink Cartridge HP, Q-5949A Cartridge HP, Q- 2610A Cartridge HP, (Q2612A) Cartridge 12A HP, (Q2612AF) Cartridge (Dual Pack) 12AF HP, 8061 X Cartridge (For Laser Jet Printer 4100 No.) HP, Lazerjet Cartridge Black 1200 No. HP, HP 58 Cartridge, HP 59 Cartridge, CD Carry Bags (Approx. 24 Cds) Per Pec, CD-RW Per Pec, HP, Moserbaer, CD Case Non Breakable Per Pec, (C8543X) Laser Jet Print Cartridge 43X HP, (CB435A) Laser Jet Print Cartridge 35A HP, USB 2.0 Pen Drive (With Make & Warranty), 702-Black Cartridge HP, 22-Tri-Colour Cartridge HP, Cartridge ML-D2850A/XIP Samsung (2000 Pages), Cartridge ML-D2850B/XIP Samsung (5000 Pages), Cartridge MLT-D106S/XIP Samsung (2000 Pages), Imaging Unit (Drum) MLT-R106S/XIP Samsung (12000 Pages), Cartridge MLT-D209S/XIP Samsung (2000 Pages), Cartridge MLT-D209L/XIP Samsung (5000 Pages), 851 Black Cartridge HP, 855 Tri-Colour Cartridge HP, 901 Black Cartridge HP, 901 Tri-Colour Cartridge HP, (CE278AC) Black Cartridge CE278AC HP, (CE278AF) Black Cartridge (Dual Pack) 78A HP, (CE410A) Laser Jet Pro M451/M475 2.2K Black Cartridge HP, (CE411A) Laser Jet Pro M451/M475 Cyan Cartridge HP, (CE412A) Laser Jet Pro M451/M475 | Due on 28-Apr-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Security Services | Jammu-kashmir | TID: 10539978
7 Registration of vendors for networks security and system integration, hardware (PCS / printers / UPS, etc), software (system software / application), computer peripherals and accessories, computer stationery & consumables. | Due on 24-Apr-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Sugar | Uttar Pradesh | TID: 10564993
8 Supply of Cleaning Equipments, Computer & Spares, Computer Stationery. (Scanned Image - Hindi Tender) | Due on 06-Jun-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Insurance Services | Gujarat | TID: 10578776
9 Providing Stationery/Computer Stationery & Printed items - Carbon Box Blue ½ ize Kores, Pin Elephant 75 to 100 grams, U pin Elephant Pointed clips 35 mm, U Pin Elephant round 26 mm, Stapler Pin No 10-1M, Stapler Pin, Green lace good quality, Red tag good quality, Stapler machine Kangaro HD-45, Stapler No 10 Kagaroo, Computer stationery 10x12x1 ,80 gsm white paper, Computer stationery 10x12x1, 80 gsm ledger paper, Computer DATA cartridge 160 GB, CD-R box containing, CD-RW Sony, DVD-R Sony Brand, Kangaro Punch 280, Stamp pad small, Erase ex fluid Kores, Plastic Scales 30 Cms, Pin O clip, Register Ledger 200 pages, Drafting White paper, Copier Paper legal Size JK red, A-4 size green ledger paper, Marker Pen, Board Marker Pen, Calculator 8 digits, Adhesive Tape small, Ruled Register, Box file Best Quality, File (Blue) cover Printed for A/c's, ball pen, Add gel pen, Computer Mouse, Noting Sheet green, Plastic File Folder, Conference pad, 25 pages, Cello flo gel Pen, Reynolds Green Gel Pen, Post it Multicolor, Eraser, Fevi quick, Form No. 2, Form No. 5 & 10, Form No. 10 D, ledger paper, Acknowledgement slip, White Visitor slip with logo, Declaration Form A-4 size both side, T A Bill Form, Enquiry report E.O, Appendix, Contingent bill, Inspection Proforma, Printed Envelope Brown 11" X 5” with window & Message, Life Certificate, Out ward register, Spot Memo Book, Requisition Proforma, Budget Register 250 pages Ledger Paper, Annexure-V single side, EDP Account Forwarding, Puttha Pair, Cash Book Bank, Principal Employer 7A Summons, Printed Proforma, Appendix –E, Pre printed Claim return Proforma for Dot Matrix Printer, Descriptive roll. | Due on 28-Apr-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Security Services | Meghalaya | TID: 10615701
10 Registration of firms for Training material, stationery items, electrical items, commonly available items, computer consumables, condiments & fruits, tailoring, sports items, security equipment, Target paper, bamboo & tin sheet, Pens, pencils, papers, boards, banners, photocopy machine, fax machine, electrical appliances like switches, sockets, cables, conduit etc video graphic & photographic items & electronics items, paints, thinner, common tools, hardware, packing material & miscellaneous items, computer stationery all types, A4 paper, CDs, DVDs, printing ribbons, cartridges, toners supply & repair, condiments like mustard, coriander, chilly & seasonal fruits, stitching & alteration of uniforms, all sports related items to include kit, all security equipments like CCTV, metal detectors etc. | Due on 03-May-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
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