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Power Plant | Himachal Pradesh | TID: 11724150
1 Value: INR 2.27 Million (approx.) | Supply of HP Inkjet/Laserjet Toner Cartridges, General stationery, Drawing Stationery, Computer stationery, Electrical items, House Keeping items, Printing Stationery | Due on 29-Sep-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Education And Research Institute | Rajasthan | TID: 11810067
2 Value: INR 5 Lakh | Offset printing, cutting & binding work.
Supply of stationery items - Type paper, Printing paper ream, Ledger paper ream, Sun Lit bond paper ream, Executive bond paper ream, Maplitho paper, Printing paper, Zerox paper ream, Office files with (Hand made card sheet) laces, Correcting fluid ink, Gum paste, register, carbon paper, File pad, Dak pad, envelope, O.H.P. Sheet, Art Card Sheet, Art paper, Ivory Paper for Photostat Ream, Coloured paper for Photostat Ream, High quality gloss Paper, Glue stick 15g, File Tag 8”800 nos, U-Pin Big Size 35 mm (100 nos.), All Pin Pkt 100 gm, Stamp Pad Small size, Stamp Pad Ink 50 ml., Slip Pad 18 x22/8 100 sheet 60 gsm paper, Slip pad 18 x22/12 100 Sheet 60 gsm paper, Industrial Brown tape 2” “45 metre. 1 ”45 meter, Transparent Tape 2” , 1” 45metre, White Board marker Pen Metal body, Glass Marker Pen Metal body, Craft Paper Ream Big size 36” x46”, Stapler No. 10,24/6, Stapler pin No. 10 & 24/6, Document (Plastic)file superior quality, Roll 30 meter Fax, Fountain pen superior, Ball pen superior, Carbon paper (100 sheets in packet duly punched & printed SKNAU, original mill packed, HB Pencil, Eraser, Sharpener etc.
Supply of computer stationery items – Paper, Pay slip, Cartridges for following DM Printers, printer, .Cartridges for following Laser /Inkjet/deskjet Printers. Compact Disks (CD)/DVD and Pen Drive, DVD Disk etc. (Hindi Document)
| Due on 01-Oct-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Power Plant | Andhra Pradesh | TID: 11837818
3 Value: INR 80 Thousand | Supply of Stationary paper (like A4Xe papers4/ 3 papers, Stapler long with Stapler Pins, fluids, Carbon papers/ pens & Printed stationery like Patrolling Dairies, petty Cash books, Log sheet, T&P Register registers, Work /2014-15 r Orders, LLB's, M. Books, Registers, 200 & 100pags), Envelop covers, Files and Computer stationery like Printer ribbons High density, HP Laser jet Printer cartridges for different models, Pen drives B capacity of HP/ Sandisk make, DVD's etc. | Due on 08-Oct-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Sugar | Uttar Pradesh | TID: 10812562
1. Supply of Refectories item.
2. Retuning of Boiler Tubes.
3. Job Fabrication work.
4. Supply of GM/CI Casting item.
5. Supply of Hard Coke/Steam Coke.
6. Ultrasonic Testing & Dynamic Balancing.
7. Supply of Industrial Gases.
8. Supply of Cane Cutting Knifes & Domite tips.
9. Supply of Vacuum Filter Spares.
10. Vacuum Filter Repairing work.
11. Supply of Centrifugal Spares.
12. Supply of Hardware item.
13. Supply of Tools & Tackles.
14. Supply of Pipe & Pipe Fitting.
15. Supply of Miscellaneous Engineering item.
16. Supply of Rubber Goods.
17. Supply of Gear, Tyre & Tyre Coupling.
18. Supply of Welding Accessories.
19. Supply of Temperature & Pressure Gauge.
20. Supply of Sugar Trolley & Huwil.
21. Supply of CI/CS/GM Valve.
22. Supply of Paints.
23. Supply of Nonferrous item.
24. Supply of Air Compressor Spares.
25. Supply of Cleaning Equipments (Manufacturing).
26. Supply of Cleaning Equipments (Engineering).
27. Supply of Copper Liner & Wire netting.
28. Supply of Consumable item for Computer.
29. Annual Repair/Maintenance of ERFC.
30. Supply of Diesel Generator Set.
31. Supply of Electrical Goods (Industrial).
32. Supply of Electrical Goods (Lighting).
33. Supply of PVC Cable.
34. Motor Rewinding.
35. Supply of Stationery item.
36. Supply of Computer Stationery.
37. Supply of Sugar Bag Closing Thread & Polypropylene Sheet.
38. Supply of Sugar Weighing Scale Spare & its Annual Repair/Maintenance.
39. Supply of Weighbridge Spare & its Annual Repair/Maintenance.
40. Supply of Bag Stitching Machines Spares.
41. Supply of Twine, Bag Marking Ink & Starch, etc.
42. Sale of Boilers Chhai/Jhanve.
43. Cleaning work of Water Shaftning Plant Injection Channel Spray Pond, Service Tank, Cane Carrier, etc.
44. Painting work of various equipments.
45. Mill Hydraulic Accumulator work.
46. Panel & Insiter work of Power Turbine.
47. Supply of Heavy Chemical & Seed Slurry.
48. Supply of Lab Chemical & Apparatus.
49. ETP Operation work.
50. Cleaning work of Production Department Equipments.
51. Ash Removal from Boilers of Mill.
52. Ash Removal by Fly Ash Arrestor & Cleaning related work.
53. Annual Repair/Maintenance of Computers UPS.
54. Battery Reconditioning work.
55. VISS Sugar related work.
56. Drayer House related work.
57. Sugar Godown related work.
58. Bagasse Balling Shifting work.
59. Loading Unloading work of Lime Carbon.
60. Loading Unloading work of Sulfur.
61. Loading Unloading work of Gunny Bag.
62. Insulation/Lagging work. (Scanned Image - Hindi Tender)
| Due on 28-Sep-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Security Services | West Bengal | TID: 11709957
5 Procurement Of Computer Stationery, Peripherals, Cartridges For Printer & Xerox Machines, Refilling Of Cartridges Etc. For The Different Offices Of Police For The Year 2014-15. | Due on 24-Sep-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Civil Works | Sri Lanka | TID: 11716687
1. Supply of Mild Steel & Structural Steel Sections such as Angles, Flats, Round Bars & Channels.
2. Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper, Zinc, Lead, Aluminium & Galvanized Sheets.
3. Stainless Steel Pipes, Angles, Flats, Solid Bars & other sections.
4. Galvanized Iron Pipes.
5. Aluminium Angels, Pipes, Channels, Beadings, Partitioning & Ceiling materials.
6. Bolts, Nuts, Screws, Rivets, Wire Nails, Panel Pins, Tinned Tacks, Door & Window Fittings & Castel Wheels.
7. Padlocks, Door Locks, Door Closers, Blank Keys and Pop Rivets.
8. Gear Boxes, Ring ars, Cable Drums, Pinions and Other Water Management Components & Units.
9. Gate Seals for Water Management Gates.
10. Metal Ingots Pig Iron, Copper, Zinc, Tin, Lead, etc. Metal Scraps Cast Iron, Brass, Aluminium, etc.
11. Foundry Materials, Chemicals and Additives such as Linseed Oil, Bee Wax, Sodium Silicate, Ferro Manganese & Ferro Silicon.
12. Paints, Putty, Metal Filler, Emery Papers, Thinner, Turpentine, Polishing material, Varnish & Powder Coating Materials.
13. Welding Equipment, Machines, Accessories, Protective Equipment & Consumables.
14. Industrial Gases such as Oxygen, Acetylene, Carbon Dioxide, Argon & Nitrogen.
15. Metal Cutting Machinery, Equipment, Power Tools & Consumables such as Grinding Wheels, Power Saw Blades, Hack Saw Blades, Drill Bits, Files, etc.
16. Wood Working Machinery, Equipment & Consumables.
17. Electroplating Chemicals.
18. Glass Sheets.
19. Electrical Appliances, Fittings, Cables & Wiring & Installation materials.
20. Panel Boards & Switch Gears.
21. Electrical Motors & Geared Motors.
22. Building Material, Cement, Bricks, Tiles, River Sand, Metal, Lime, etc. & Pipe Fittings, Fiber Glass Tanks.
23. Vehicle Spares, Engine and Chassis Spares, Tyres, Tubes, Batteries, Bearings, etc.
24. Vehicle Body Parts, Doors, Bonnets, Fenders, Windscreen glasses, etc.
25. Vehicle Air Conditioning & Spare Parts.
26. Stationery, Envelopes, Computer Stationery, Typing Carbon Papers, Fax Papers, Erasing Ink, Photocopy Toners, Duplicating Ink, Ball Point Pens, Pencils & Erasers.
27. Drawing Office Stationery Tracing Papers, Printing & Drawing Papers.
28. Uniform Materials & Tailoring.
29. Dusters, Towels & Soap.
30. Computer & Accessories, Facsimile, Photocopies, other office equipment.
31. Finger Scanners for Time Recording.
32. Safety Wears such as Shoes, Helmets, Goggles, Ear Guards.
33. Timber Logs (Local Teak, Mahogani, Grandis, Kolon & Ginisapu species).
34. Sawn Timber.
35. Plywood & Particle Boards.
36. Textiles & Carpets.
37. Fire Extinguishers.
38. Rubber Bushes.
39. Synthetic Laminated Sheets.
40. Repairs to Electrical/ Electronic Equipment such as Time Recorders, Typewriters, Facsimiles, Photocopiers, Calculators, Roneo Machine Computers and Networks.
41. Supply & Installation, Repairs & Services to Air Conditioners.
42. Wiring of Houses, Offices, Workshops & yards.
43. CCTV Cameras, Installation, Repairs & Maintenance.
44. Networking, Repairs & Maintenance.
45. Software & Website services.
46. Vehicle Repairs, Auto Electrical Repairs, Armature rewinding of Air Condition Motors, Auto Air conditioning & repairs.
47. Engine Re-boring, Crank Grinding, Injector Pump Service & Repairs.
48. Wheel Aligning, Wheel Balancing of Vehicles.
49. Servicing of Vehicles.
50. Upholstery & Cushion Works of Vehicles & Sunshade Shelters.
51. Carpeting, Curtaining & other Office Renovation Works.
52. ARC, TIG & MIG Welding Works.
53. Repairs to Welding Equipment & Accessories.
54. Repairs to Power Tools.
55. Repairs to Machineries, Cranes & Metal Cutting Machines.
56. Repairs to Wood Working Machines.
57. Gear, Pinion, Thread Cutting & other Machining works.
58. Fiber Glass Repair & Works.
59. Building Construction & Building Maintenance & Repair Works.
60. Making Rubber seal & Date Stamps.
61. Digital Printing.
62. Boiler, Cranes & Pressure Vessel Inspection & Certification.
63. Rattaning of Chairs.
64. Cutting of Glass Sheets.
65. Refilling & Servicing of Fire Extinguishers.
66. Preparation of Of
| Due on 02-Oct-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Education And Research Institute | Uttar Pradesh | TID: 11761221
1. Supply of Laboratory Chemical, Glassware, Lab ware, Diglottic-Reagents, Kits.
2. Supply of Blood Bags.
3. Supply of Hospital-Consumable items.
4. Supply of X-ray Film/X-ray items.
5. Supply of Medicines.
6. Supply of office stationery item/stationery.
Printing binding work.
7. Supply of General Contingency/Bio waste items.
8. Supply of Computer Stationery/Computer Consumable items.
9. Supply of Electrical items.
10. Supply of Sanitary/Building items. (Hindi Document)
| Due on 15-Oct-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Education And Research Institute | West Bengal | TID: 11775715
8 Intends to empanel / register suppliers for various items, Electrical Items & General Office Items, Electronic Items & Accessories (Stabilizer, T.V., energy meter etc.), Electrical Appliance (Switches, wire, bulbs, tubes etc.), Computers & Accessories (Desktop/Laptop/Printer/UPS etc.), Computer Stationery (Cartridge, Paper, Ribbon etc., Fire Fighting Equipments Consumables, Extinguishers (All Types), Drinking Water Cooler/Water Purifier etc., Computer Stationery, Photocopier, Refrigerator, Air conditioner, Furniture (Office), including Computer furniture and guest house furniture, Servicing/maintenance/work contract/ job work, Servicing of electronic items including Photocopiers, PA systems etc, Servicing of Computers & lab equipments, Transportation/hiring of vehicles (please submit the fleet of available vehicle with commercial registration and other documents in support as a service provider), Servicing of Machinery spares, AMC of computer and computer peripherals, AMC of water purifier/cooler, AMC of Photocopier Machines, AMC of Air Conditioner (Split & Window types), Fire Fighting Equipments Consumables, Extinguishers (All Types), Supply of Manpower- Highly Skilled, Semi Skilled, Skilled and also unskilled. (Please submit documents as per statutory requirements), Pest/Rodents control, General misc office items such as stationery, printing, maintenance of vertical blinds, glass papers, Maintenance of EPABX/Intercom, Publication of press advertisement (on All India Basis) at DAVP Rate., Supply of Laboratory Equipments/Instruments, Weather Monitoring Instruments, Laboratory Instruments and Equipments, Farm Implements (Tractors/Power tiller /Trolley/ Jungle Jim, Gardening/ Pre & Post harvesting equipment etc.) | Due on 13-Oct-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Petroleum Products | Sri Lanka | TID: 11817189
9 Supply of Computer Stationery (Toner, Cartridges, Pen drives, CD’s, Diskettes, Ribbons, etc). | Due on 17-Oct-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Other Services | Pakistan | TID: 11828283
10 Supply of Computer Stationery, Accessories & Misc. Items for AGPR (Computer Wing), Islamabad. | Due on 06-Oct-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
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