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Coal and Lignite | Maharashtra | TID: 14092393
1 Value: INR 1.99 Lakh | Supply of Continuous Computer forms & Consumable Items – Pre-Printed Continuous Computer Forms (Pay-Slip) For Time Rated Workers On 'A' Grade Paper (60 Gsm+ 5%) Of Size 15”X12”X3 Part, Pre-Printed Continuous Computer Forms (Pay-Slip) For Executives On 'A' Grade Paper (60 Gsm + 5%) Of Size 15” X 12” X 3 Part, Epson Ribbon Cartridge (So1551
7754) 10.0 Meter/32.8 Feet, Original For Use With Lq-1150/Lq-1150ii Epson Dot Matrix Printer, Genuine Printronix Ribbons Generic Name Printronix60ydblack Part No. 107675-001 For P-5000 Printronix Line Printer, Continuous Computer Stationery On A' Grade Paper (60gsm + 5%) Of Size 10” X12”X2 Part As Per Enclosed Sample, Compact Disk (Cd-R) 700 Mb, Dvd-R Single Layer 4.7 Gb, Pen-Drive, 8gb, Usb-3.0, Original Tonner Cartridge For Hp Leaser Jet P 1108/1008 Printer, Original Tonner Cartridge For Samsung Leaser Jet1053 Printer.
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Education And Research Institute | Delhi | TID: 13956757
2 purchase of Raw material & other consumable items - ic 7400,diode in 4007,resistance assorted (1 oms t 1 m oms) 1/4 watt, pcb general purpose 3"x6", solder wire 6040 (bharti), hook up wire flexible 7/22, pencil cell 1.5 v (aa), 2 core flate wire 7/36, ic um 66, ic regulator 7805,elfy 2 gm, ic 555,transistor bc 148 / 548 bel / coil / any make, transistor bc 157/557 bel/cdil/any make, capacitor electrolatic 1000mg / 35 v phillips / any make, disc capacitor 104,capacitor electrolatic 10 mf/25 v phllips/any make, electrolatic capacitor 1 mf/25v phillips / any make, potentiometer 10 kr with on / off switch, transformer 9v-0-9v (500 mili amp) best quality, transformer 6v-0-6v (500 mili amp)best quality,led green 5 mm round, toggle switch double pole, am plate wired salcon, fm plate wired (salcon),preset 10kr,loudspeaker small 2.5 inch,ic 741,ic 810,pvc tape insulation, transistor sk 100 make bel / cdil, transistor sl 100 make bel / cdil, stero plate wired 10 w salcon/any make,tv plate 14" (black & white) texla / any make, bt 136 triac any make,diac0b3 any make, zener 3 volt, ,cd rw 52x,smps power supply for pc (any make),colin ,white board maker pen, bond paper a4 size,80 colum computer stationery ,white board buster magnetic, seven display common anode (any made),ldr assorted valves, solder flux 50 grams, hard disk drive 40 gb acer / samsung, mouse computer usb type (acer make),ink cartridge 27 (black) hp make, ink cartridge 28 (tri colour) hp make, disco light plate wire, battery 6f 22 9volt,infrared led any make,pen drive 4 gb kingston /scan disk, pencil cell 1.5 v (aaa),dustless chalk kores, wire sleeve 5mm (plastic),fetbfw10,bakelite batten holder 2a,250 v isi mark, iron connector king isi mark, electronic musical bell anchor, flush type 5 pin socket 6a,250v anchor, flush type 6 pin socket 16a,250v anchor, flush type one way switch 6a,250v anchor, flush type one way switch 16a,250v anchor, g.i. wire 14 s w g, electronics choke 40 watts surya, lamp 40 watt 230v surya, lamp 100 watt 230v surya, lamp 200 watt 230v surya, machine screw 3/16"x1-1/2" round head,nut 3/16" hexagonal ,machine screw 5/32" x 1-1/2" round head, nut 5/32" hexagonal \,steel washer 3/16",steel washer 5/32",pvc insulation tape 3/4" steel grip, three pin top 6a,250v isi mark, three pin top 16a,250v isi mark, teak-wood board 4"x4",teak-wood board 8"x10",teak-wood board 8"x12",wire nail 1/2" 17 no, plastic gitties 6 no, capacitor 2.5 m f d isi mark, capacitor 4 m f d isi mark, sanmina sheets 12"x 15" hylem, sanmina sheets 9"x 13" hylem, one way tumbler switch 6a 250v isi mark, two-way tumbler switch 6a,250v isi mark, three pin wall socket 6a,250v(tumber type) isi mark, steel screw pan head 15 mm 6 no sai, steel screw pan head 35 mm 6 no sai, steel screw pan head 45 mm 6 no sai, steel screw pan head 50 mm 6 no sai, teak wood batten 1/2"x 1/2",teak wood batten 1"x 1/2",pvc gange box (1+1) 16 amp tanisha, pvc gang box one way 6 amp tanisha, pvc round block tanisha, pvc flexible pipe 3/4",pvc casing capping 1/2" double lock tanisha, pvc casing capping 3/4" double lock tanisha, pvc casing capping 1" double lock tanisha, pvc casing capping 1-1/2" double lock tanisha, stellar bright b22 14-watt led bulb philips,2.5- watt b22 base led bulb philips,10-watt base b22 led bulb philips ,9-watt base b22 led bulb philips, two way center off changeover switch 25a (dhmcodpe025) havells, two way center off changeover switch 32a (dhrmctde030032) havells, diode in 4007,led 1 watt extra bright ,capacitor 4.7 mfd 400v,resistance 100 ohms, transformer 12-0-12v 1a guru, lead, distilled water, sulfuric acid, separator, positive plate (heavy duty),negative plate (heavy duty),compound, copper wire 0.75 mm, copper wire 1.5mm,aluminium wire 6mm,carbon brush with brush box (alternator),emery paper, bulb head light ,bulb tail light / stop light, bulb indicator light, electric horn vibration type, electric horn vind tone type, old dhoti, dusting brush, hacksaw blade for Electrical and Electronics Trades i.e. ITESM , Electrician , Auto Electrician trades for ITI Jail Road. | Due on 01-Jun-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Education And Research Institute | Himachal Pradesh | TID: 14099031
3 Supply of Computer Stationery - Wipro Hq 1070 Printer Head, Inkjet Cartridge Combopack 818, Laser Jet Printer 3015 Black Toner Cartridges (new), Laser Jet Hp P1007 Printer Cartridges (new), Drum Unit Of Photoste Machine, Drum Unit Of Photoste Machine Ir2002, Developer For Photostate Machine, Gear Section Of Photo State Machine, Photostate Machine Cartridge(New), Photostate Machine Tonner -610 Gm, Laser Jet Printer H.P.1018/1022/1020 Cartridges -12 A(New), Refilling Of Laserjet 1018/1022/1020 Cartridge, Hp Laserjet 3015 Cartridge-88 A, Refilling Of Hp Laserjet P1007 Printer , Mult Imedia Keyboard , Blank Dvd Rewritable, Vdr Unit For Cctv Camera, Projector Ceiling Mount, Cannon Inkjet Printer (black ), Processor 3.4 Ghz Amd Atholon, Dvd Writer, D Link Wire Utp Cat 6e, Patch Cables - 2 Mtrs, Ups -700 Va, 12 Vlts 7ah Ups Battery, 12 Vlta 28 Ah Ups Battery, White Board Marker, Mcafee Antivirus, Avg Antivirus, Quickheal Antivirus, Norton Antivirus, Power Cord, Processor Fan, System Fan, Cmos Battery, Modem Power Adapter, Joystick, Wireless Connector For Projector, Led Message Display Board 22'', Digital Notepad( A5 Size), Wireless Walkier Talkie System(500 M---1km), Windows Installation (their Own Windows Dvd), Windows Installation (their Own Windows Dvd), Antivirus Installation, Replacement Of Cpu Card Of Projector, Rplacement Of Lamp Of Projector, Replacement Of Heat Press Roller Of Printer, Replacement Of Teflon Of Printer, Replacement Of Drum Unit Of Printer, Laptop Charger/Adapter 65 W Ac, Leser Jet Printer New 1007, Canon Photocopier Refilling Certridge 2420. | Due on 11-Jun-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Education And Research Institute | Gujarat | TID: 14103299
4 Supply of stationery and computer stationery - Cover White 6" x 3½" Maplitho 80 GSM, Cover White 11"× 5" 80 GSM, Cover Brown Window, Cover Brown Cloth, Cover 16"× 12" Gadar, Cover Cloth Damar, Whitner Pan, Spring File Anjali-901, Lock 50 MM, Katar Kangaru, Clip Board, Carbon Paper Blu, Glu Stick 8 Gram Kores, Gum Bottle 700 ML, Chowk White Kores, Desk Refill Stand Omega, Desk Calander Rifill 2016, Duster White Felt, Duplicate Book No. 1, Tag Green, Tanchani, Dak Pad Three Flap Folder, Daftar Bandhan (Khadi), Poker (Wodden Handle), Paper Wait Square Kachna, Plastik Tray, Pin Kushan (Omega Pino Skip), Panching Machine Kangaru, Panching Machine Kangaru (Single Hol), Peon Book 100 Page (Lager Paper paku Binding), Pencil Black Natraj, Pencil Sancha Natraj, Pencil Rubber Natraj (Dust Free), Paper Cutter, Printastik HollGuard, PortFolia (2 Dorivala), Post It Three Color 0lll", Post It Three Color 1", Futpatti Steel Ajanta, Box File, Ballpen Use & Throw Fort 20-20, Ballpen Cello 0.5 Soft, Cello CD Marker Altra Fine Permanent, High lighter Marker Pan Camlin Or Cello, Ballpen Cello Butterflow, Riffil Cello Butterflow, Riffil Cello 0.5, Muster Roll 1 Quare Register, Aarsi Super Deluxe (Premium), Muster Roll 2 Quare Register, Aarsi Super Deluxe (Premium), Minbatti - 5", U Pin 26 MM, Register, West Paper Basket Plastick 1. Patidar, Stapler Machine Kangaru 10 Original, Stapler Machine Kangaru HP-45, Stapler Machine Pin Packet 1000 Nos, Stapler Machine, Stamp Pad Ink Vialot 100 ML Kores, Slip Pad, Stamp Pad, Salo Tap Roll 40 Meter, Suruchi File (With Uni. Matter Printing), Exerciser Notebook 180 Page (Navneet), Outword Register, Dhaval Brand Lager Paper, Inword Register 4 Quare· 8"×13", Dhaval Brand Lager Paper, Visiting Card Non Tarable, Kora Paper, Rule Paper Cream Wove, Rule Paper Cream Wove, Lager Paper, Maplitho Paper, Lager Paper, Bankpost White, Bankpost Color, Ballarpur Maplitho, Title Paper, Crown White, Desigen Marbal, White Card 8.6 Kg. Westcost, Color Card 8.6 Kg. Westcost, Super Lucky Ivery Card, Sunlit Ballarpur Three Ekka 300 GSM, Art Card Sinarmas 300 GSM, Drawing Sheet 21.3 Kg. Sunlit, Ballarpur 56 x 76 CMM 500 Sheet, Sunsine Super 18.6 Kg. Ballarpur, Stro Board 1 Ratali Bhopal 25 Kg, A-4 Sticker Sheet (100 Nos. Packet) White or Color, Legal Sticker Sheet (100 Nos. Packet) White or Color, Binding Cloth (20 Miteer), Baben Brand Lahi, Fevicol, Offset Printing Ink Micro Co, Offset Printing Chemicals, Computer stationary, Ledger, Xerox paper, A-4 Size Inkjet Mat Photo Paper 190 GSM, A-4 Size Inkjet Mat Photo Paper 220 GSM, Blank CD, Blank DVD Single Layer 4.7 GB, CD Polithin Cover, Laser Cartridge, Dot Matrix Cartridge, Internal Hard Disc Drive, External Hard Disc Drive, Pen Drive, Computer Stationary Plastic File, Dot Matrix cartridge Refilling, Laser Cartridge Refilling. | Due on 15-Jun-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Telecommunication Services / Equipments | Uttar Pradesh | TID: 14012316
5 Value: INR 7 Lakh | Supply Of Computer Stationery & Consumble Items Computer Paper 10 × 12 × 1 (80 Col. Single),Blank Cd 700 Mb/80 Min. 52x,Re-Writable (r/w), Optical Mouse Ps2 / Usb Scroll, Key Board, Mouse Pad, Toner Hp Laserjet Series 15a, Photo Copier Toner Ricoh Type 25015 For , Mp 1813l, Photo Copier Toner For Ricoh 1230d, Hp Office Jet 4255 All In One Fax Cartridge 27 No., Ink Cartridge Hp 3325 /3745/ 3550 Deskjet Printer (21 No.), Cartridge 901 Black, Hp Ink Cartridge 802 Black, Ribbon Cartridge For Epson 800 Lx / Tvs Msp 240 Type / Tvs Msp 130 Type/Wipro 80 C/Tvs Msp 250xl Classic/Wipro Lx 800/ 80 Col Printer, Ribbon Cartridge For Tvs Msp 245 Ribbon Cartridge/ Wipro 140 C Model Ex 1050/ Wipro Ex1000 132 Col. Printer / Paragon - 36, Ribbon Cartridge For Dot Matrix Printer Scribe-36 Make Prodot 132 Col, Pen Drive Aups Battery 12 Volt. | Due on 29-May-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Telecommunication Services / Equipments | Uttar Pradesh | TID: 13746355
6 Value: INR 5 Lakh | Supply Of Computer Stationery In Ssa - Tonner Cartridges, Ink Cartridges, Dot Matrix 80 Column Ribbon, Cd- 500mb, Dvd- 750 Mb. | Due on 28-May-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Telecommunication Services / Equipments | Rajasthan | TID: 14015415
7 Value: INR* 3.43 Lakh approx.(Our Estimate) | Purchase Of Stationery & Computer Stationery Items In The Area Of Tdm - All Pin Box 100gm.(zebra Brand) Per Packet, Carbon Blue Pencil Kores Per Packet., Cello Tape ½” Per No., Dak Pad (neelgagan) Per No., Envelope Window Type Size 9”X4”Per No., Envelope With Cloth Cover Size 10x12 (as Per Simple) Per No., Envelope With Cloth Cover Size 16x12 (as Per Simple) Per No., Eraze Ex (kores)per No., File Cover (three Side Cloth Bidding Cloth Pad) Per No., File Pad (neelgagan)per No., Gum Bottle 150ml Camel Per No., Gum Bottle 750ml Camel Per No., Ink Pad Ashoka Big 160x97 Mm Per No., Ink Pad Ashoka Big 110x70 Mm Per No., Photo Copy Paper A.4.J.K. Copier (easy) Per Rim, Photo Copy Paper Full Size J.K. Copier (easy) Per Rim, Register 1 Quire (8x13) Novelty Per No., Register 2 Quire (8x13) Novelty Per No., Register 3 Quire (8x13) Novelty Per No., Register 4 Quire (8x13) Novelty Per No., Fax Roll 30m -per No.- Desmat, Rubberbrand 200gmpack Medium Size (as Per Sample)Per Pack Parnami, Scale 12” Natraj Steel Per No., Sharpener Apsara (10 Piece In Each Packet)Per Packet, Slip Pad 22 No. Small Neelgagan (80 Page) Per No., Slip Pad 33 No. Big Neelgagan (80 Page) Per No, Staple Pin Big Of 10 No. Kores Per Packet, Staple Pin Small Of 20 No. Kores Per Packet, Stapler Machine 10 No. Kangaro Per No., White Board Marker Luxer Per No., Parma Net Marker Luxer Per No., Hi Lighter Luxer Per No., Stapler Machine Kangaroo Hp 45 Per No., Register With Red Cloth Cover (novelty) 6 Quire Per No., Colin Bottle (for Cleaning Of The Printer Etc.) Per No., Fevi Stick Per No., Brown Tap Roll 1.5” Per No., Box Files - Neelgagan Per No., Envelope (plain) White (printed) Size 11”X5” Per No., Envelope (plain) White (printed) Size 9”X5” Per No., Envelope (plain) White (printed) Size 6½”x3¾ ” Per No., Pin Quishion - Premier Per No., Plastic Folder (1 Page Printed) - Neelgagan - Per No., Spiral Binding Slip Pad (33 No.) - Neelgagan, Comp Sty -10x12x1-70 Gsm, Comp Sty -10x12x2-60 Gsm, Comp Sty -15x12x1 – 70 Gsm, Cd-R(Sony )/dvd- R (sony), Cd Rw /dvdrw (sony), Floppy Box (sony), Ctrg.H.P.Laserjet- 1022/1010, Ctrg.Epson/ Tvs, Ctrg.-prodot(1022/1010), H.P.Cartridge 801(For Hp 3108 Aio)Black, H.P.Cartridge 801(For Hp 3108 Aio) Colour. | Due on 03-Jun-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Telecommunication Services / Equipments | Uttar Pradesh | TID: 13974662
8 Value: INR* 3 Lakh(Our Estimate) | Supply of Computer Stationery- Laser / Deskjet Printer Cartridges, Computer CDR 700 MB, Computer CDRW 700 MB, DVD Blank, Computer Paper, Data Cartridge, Pen Drive, A4 Size Pape | Due on 17-Jun-2015  |  View for FREE  |  PQ Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies | Pakistan | TID: 11951357
9 Supply of Office Stationary, Printing Material/Forms, Purchase of Other General Items, Purchase of Computer Stationery, Supply of Drinking Water, Repair Renovation of Air-Conditioners & UPS, Courier & Pilot Services, Supply of Uniforms & Liveries, Janitorial services / Photocopy machine operator / Generator operator / Gardener-Mali / Electrician / Hardware & Software Technician / Lift operator-Maintenance / Chowkidar-Security. | Due on 30-Jun-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Sugar | Uttar Pradesh | TID: 13616682
10 Store Handling work.
Supply of Electrical Items, Hardware Items, Air Compressor & Spares, Black Polythene & Other Packing Material, Boiler Chemicals, Numering Tag, Paint & Warnish, Brass Liner, Wire Netting, Cane Cutting Knives, Cane Weighbridge & Spares, Connecting Rod, Hopper Strips, Centrifugal Machine Spares, CI/GM Items, CI Hub for Fiberizer, Door Oliver Shaft, Fire Fighting Equipments, Local Materials, Heavy Chemicals, High Flow Pump & Spares, Hydraulic Spares, Lab Chemicals & Apparatus, Lubricators Spares, Machinery Items, Oxygen & Industrial Gas, PVC/FRP Cluster For Spray, Rubber Goods, Sugar Weighing Scale & Spares, Tel Bar & Transmission Gear Shaft, Vacuum Filter Spares, Welding Accessories, Cleaning Equipments, Computer & Spares, Computer Stationery, BG Set Spares, Uniform Cloth, Shoes, Gear Coupling, Gear & Bear Pump, Hard Cock, Local Iron-Steel, Soil Testing Lab Chemicals & Apparatus, Vibro Machine Spares, Boiler Refractories & Boiler Instruments.
Stacking & Covering of Bagasse.
Making of Bagasse Bales.
Cleaning of Boiling House.
Boiler Ash Removal works.
Filling, Stitching, Weighing & Stacking of Brown Sugar.
Cleaning of Vacuum Filter, Lime Station, Juice Clarifier, ETP, Spray Pond & Molasses Tanks.
Sinking of Brown & BIS Sugar.
Lime & Sulfur Related works.
Seed & Rody Related works.
Cleaning of Sprocket & Tel Shaft of Cane Carrier.
Cleaning of Cane Carrier & Rack Carrier.
Painting & Transportation of Weighing Scale.
Printing work on Bags.
Cleaning of Quad & Pan.
Repair work of Stacker.
Filling, Weighing & Stitching work of Sugar Bags in Dryer House.
AMC-ACFC & Imbition System, AVR/ACB, 5 KVA UPS, Networking & Hardware Computer, Bag Stitching Machine/Sugar Weighing Scale, Electronic Weighbridge, Centrifugal Panel, ETP & Vet Type Scuber Operation.
Motor Rewinding.
Electronic Weighbridge Related Fabrication works.
Dynamic Balancing & Ultrasonic Testing works.
Repair of Pinion & Shaft.
Thruster Repair.
Bagasse Shifting works.
Fabrication Related works.
Repair work of ID Fan.
Cement & Civil works.
Repair & Supply of Alicone Gear, Reduction Gear, AC, Refrigerator & Shaper-Machine.
Providing of Manpower Services.
Providing of Security Services.
Fiberizer Related works.
Boiler Fabrication, Hadder & Modification etc works.
Transportation of Sugarcane & Fertilizer.
Sugar Handling works. (Scanned Image - Hindi Tender)
| Due on 15-Oct-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
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