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Industrial Development Agencies | Rajasthan | TID: 11317455
1 Value: INR 7.85 Million | Operation & maintenance of fire station.
Supply & fixing of submersible motor pump & GI pipes.
Road berms & Earth filling work.
Work of Tube well & Laying & jointing of AC pressure pipeline.
Mechanical cleaning of SR, CWR & GLR.
Repair of drain & road.
Construction of Boundary wall.
Repair & maintenance of office building.
Repair & maintenance of community hall for 03 years.
Operation & maintenance of Street lights.
Supply & fixing of electric panels.
Supply of Stationery, computer stationery, electric items, crockery & general items.
Printing work.
Supply of paper.
Supply of computer consumable items.
Augmentation work in water supply complex.
Construction of drain & approach culverts.
Improvement of road sides. (Scanned Image - Hindi Tender)
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Sugar | Uttar Pradesh | TID: 10812562
1. Supply of Refectories item.
2. Retuning of Boiler Tubes.
3. Job Fabrication work.
4. Supply of GM/CI Casting item.
5. Supply of Hard Coke/Steam Coke.
6. Ultrasonic Testing & Dynamic Balancing.
7. Supply of Industrial Gases.
8. Supply of Cane Cutting Knifes & Domite tips.
9. Supply of Vacuum Filter Spares.
10. Vacuum Filter Repairing work.
11. Supply of Centrifugal Spares.
12. Supply of Hardware item.
13. Supply of Tools & Tackles.
14. Supply of Pipe & Pipe Fitting.
15. Supply of Miscellaneous Engineering item.
16. Supply of Rubber Goods.
17. Supply of Gear, Tyre & Tyre Coupling.
18. Supply of Welding Accessories.
19. Supply of Temperature & Pressure Gauge.
20. Supply of Sugar Trolley & Huwil.
21. Supply of CI/CS/GM Valve.
22. Supply of Paints.
23. Supply of Nonferrous item.
24. Supply of Air Compressor Spares.
25. Supply of Cleaning Equipments (Manufacturing).
26. Supply of Cleaning Equipments (Engineering).
27. Supply of Copper Liner & Wire netting.
28. Supply of Consumable item for Computer.
29. Annual Repair/Maintenance of ERFC.
30. Supply of Diesel Generator Set.
31. Supply of Electrical Goods (Industrial).
32. Supply of Electrical Goods (Lighting).
33. Supply of PVC Cable.
34. Motor Rewinding.
35. Supply of Stationery item.
36. Supply of Computer Stationery.
37. Supply of Sugar Bag Closing Thread & Polypropylene Sheet.
38. Supply of Sugar Weighing Scale Spare & its Annual Repair/Maintenance.
39. Supply of Weighbridge Spare & its Annual Repair/Maintenance.
40. Supply of Bag Stitching Machines Spares.
41. Supply of Twine, Bag Marking Ink & Starch, etc.
42. Sale of Boilers Chhai/Jhanve.
43. Cleaning work of Water Shaftning Plant Injection Channel Spray Pond, Service Tank, Cane Carrier, etc.
44. Painting work of various equipments.
45. Mill Hydraulic Accumulator work.
46. Panel & Insiter work of Power Turbine.
47. Supply of Heavy Chemical & Seed Slurry.
48. Supply of Lab Chemical & Apparatus.
49. ETP Operation work.
50. Cleaning work of Production Department Equipments.
51. Ash Removal from Boilers of Mill.
52. Ash Removal by Fly Ash Arrestor & Cleaning related work.
53. Annual Repair/Maintenance of Computers UPS.
54. Battery Reconditioning work.
55. VISS Sugar related work.
56. Drayer House related work.
57. Sugar Godown related work.
58. Bagasse Balling Shifting work.
59. Loading Unloading work of Lime Carbon.
60. Loading Unloading work of Sulfur.
61. Loading Unloading work of Gunny Bag.
62. Insulation/Lagging work. (Scanned Image - Hindi Tender)
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Other Services | Pakistan | TID: 11275956
3 Supply of furniture, stationery, computers hardware & computer stationery items, almirah steel, file cabinet steel, plastic / steel table, plastic chair, paper a-4 size, paper legal size, file cover a-4 size, envelope file size, toner photocopier sharp ar450ft, toner photocopier sharp ar5520s, Toner photocopier oliviti, computer core i-3 complete i.e. Printer, Ups, stabilizer, with licensed windows-7 & antivirus, toner for printer hp-1100. | Due on 08-Aug-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies | Kenya | TID: 11289132
4 Supply & Delivery of General Office Stationery & Computer Stationery (Tonners, Flash Disks). | Due on 30-Jul-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Other Services | Pakistan | TID: 11293967
5 Supply of Uniform & Liveries, Machinery & Equipment, Furniture. Stationery, Computers Hardware and Computer Stationery - Uniform Cloth, Cloth for Ladies Coat, Boot Black, Peak Cap, Warm Cap, Beret caps, Jersey Woolen, Speed Checking System, Fax Machine, Photocopier, Washing Machine, A C Split Unit, LED TV, Water Cooler, Almirah Steel, File Cabinet Steel, Plastic & Steel Table, Plastic Chair, Paper A-4 Size, Paper Legal Size, File Cover, Envelope File, Toner for Printer, etc. | Due on 07-Aug-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Education And Research Institute | Delhi | TID: 11294813
6 Supply of Stationery & Miscellaneous items - All Pin (Box), Attendance Register (8 Q) (Amir Book Depot), Attendance Register (Mha-1, S-37) (100 Pgs), (Amir), Attendance Register-Shipra(1 Quire), Attendance Register-Shipra(2 Quire), Attendance Register-Shipra(3 Quire), Binder Clip (15 Mm) Oddy, Binder Clip (19 Mm) Oddy, Binder Clip (25 Mm) Oddy, Brown Tape (1" (50 Mtr)), Brown Tape (2" X 50 Mtr), Calculator (Casio) (10 Digit), Calculator (Citizen) (10 Digit), Carbon Paper (Sapphire)(Kores)(Blue), Calendar Stand(Kebica), Cash Book Shipra (Bank Columnar)(4 Quire), Cash Book Shipra (Bank Columnar)(6 Quire), Cash Book Shipra (Bank Columnar)(8 Quire), Cd Case (Plastic), Cd Case (Polythene), Cd Case (Paper), Cd-Writable (Moser Bear), Cd Re-Writable (Moser Bear), Pen Drive - 8 Gb, Cello Tape (12 Mm * 20 Yds), Cello Tape (48 Mm * 50 M), Cello Tape (2" X 50 Mtr), Cello Tape (Medium 1" X 65 M) (Premier/, Wonder), Cello Tape Dispenser (Big) (Ikon), Cfl Wipro Make (18w, Cool Daylite), Chart Paper, Cheque Issue Register(200 Pages), Coline (500 Ml), Computer Stationery (80 Col- Two Part)(57gsm, Computer Stationery (80 Col-3 Part) (57 Gsm), Computer Stationery (80 Col-Single Part) (70, Gsm), Copier Paper (Century)(A4-Size), Copier Paper (Jk Brand)(A4-Size), Copier Paper (Century Legal Size)(Full Scape), Copier Paper (Colored) (A4-Size), Dak Pad, Dak Receiving/Dispatch Register (6q), Dak Receiving/Dispatch Register (8q), Dak Receiving/Dispatch Register (10q), Dak Receiving/Dispatch Register (12q), Dak Tray, Drawing Pins (Box), Duster (White Board), Duster (White Board) (Magnetic), Dustbin Plastic Plain, Dustbin (Wonder/Royal Touch) (10 Ltr), Dvd, Eraser (Normal Size), Fax Roll With Carbon (Pc-202rf), Fevicol (500 G), File Board (Superior Quality), Floor Duster, Fixed Asset Register (Ger-40), Glue Stick (15 Gm), Gum Tube (10 Gm), Gum Bottel (500 Ml), Hard Broom, High Lighter (Luxor), Index File (Deluxe Index), Knife- (Medium Size) (Citizen), Lamination Pouches (A4, 125 Mic), Marker (White, Board)(Blue/Black/Red/White/Green), Marker (White Board) (Magnetic) Luxor, Marker (Permanent), Marker (Ohp), Mosquito Spray(Hit), Note Sheet (Fs) (Green- A4 Size), Numbring Machine, Paper Clips (Gem Clip), Paper Punch (Kangaru 280)(Double Punch), Paper Punch (Havi Duty Steel Base)(Double, Punch), Paper Punch (Havi Duty Kangaroo) (Double, Punch), Paper Punch (Single Punch), Paper Weight (Medium Size) Kebica, Pen Add Gel (Achiever), Pen (Trymax), Pen Reynolds (Blue/Red), Pen (Blue) Jetter, Pen (Uni- Ball) Eye, Pen (Pentex), Pen (Montex), Pen Pilot- Luxor 05, Pencil (Apsara Platinum)(Db), Pencil Cell (Eveready), Peon Book (100 Pages) Hard Bound, Phenyl (Lamp Brand), Poker, Post/Stick On 2x3, Post/Stick On 3x3, Post/Stick On 3x4, Post/Stick On Flag 3x3, Post In Slip(Yellow) 3x3'', Plastic Folder (L Shape), Plastic Folder (Report File), Plastic Folder (With Stic), Plastic Folder With Butten, Plastic Jug(Flora) (1(1/2) Ltr.), Plastic Sutli, Pay Bill Register-Government, Refill (Reynolds), Refill (Approved), Register-Shipra (2q), Register-Shipra (4q), Register-Shipra (6q), Register-Shipra (8q), Room Freshener (Jasmine Flavor) (200, Ml), Rubber Band Nylon, Ruler (Plastic), Ruler (Steel), Sharpener (Normal), Soap (Toilet), Soft Broom, Stamp Pad (Blue), Stamp Pad Ink (Blue), Stapler Kangaroo (24x6), Stapler Kangaroo (10d), Stapler Pin Kangaroo (10 No.), Stapler Pin Kangaroo (24x6), Stock Register-Shipra (4 Q), Stock Register-Shipra (6 Q), Stock Register-Shipra (8 Q), Scissor (Kebica) (Plastic Handle) Medium, Stick File- Folder (132 Column), Seal Wax (400 Grm.) (National), Spong / Water Cushion (Kebica), Sketch Pen - Luxor (Pack Of 10/12 Colours), Table Duster (18x18), Tag (Green) (Big Size), Tag - Good Quality (5.5 Inch) White (500 Pc.), Tube Light(Small) (36 W/ 865/ 4p), Vim Bar (Grams-50/100/200/250), Visitors Register (100 Page), White Fluid (With Thinner), Whitener Pen, Writing Pad (Simple) (20 Sheets), Writing Pad (Simple) (30 Sheets), Writing Pad (Simple) (40 Sheets), Writing Pad (Simple) (80 Sheets), Writing Pad (Spiral) (20 Sheets), Writing Pad (Spiral) (30 Sheets), Writing Pad (Spiral) (50 Sheets), Wiper. | Due on 31-Jul-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Security Services | Delhi | TID: 11316538
7 Registration of Firms for supplies/services – Tailoring services (stitching/modification/alterations to airmen terry wool & terry cot uniforms, technical overall, combat dresses etc), Supply of Condiments including dry chillies, turmeric (haldi), corriender (Dhania), cummin seed (Jeera), clove (lavang), cinnamon stick (dalchini), cardamom (moti elaichi), black pepper (Kali mirch), asafetida (Heeng), Supply of Commonly available items & cleaning materials includes utensils, tools, photocopying paper, workshop general tools & consumables, cleaning materials, sulphuric acid for battery grade, POL, chemicals & hygiene chemicals – vehicle grade oil & lubricants, hygiene chemicals for anti malarial purpose, supply of paints, washing services includes providing dhobi services to station medicare centre, various messes & sections for washing of uniform, overall & other clothing items, Supply of MT spares – spares for maruti, ambassador, tata, swaraj mazda, mahindra, scorpio, Toyota, innova, maruti Suzuki SX-4, enfield, hero Honda, motor cycle & all other vehicles including repair/overall, body repair work, denting, painting & overhaul of engines various types of vehicles, Supply of electrical & electronics items – various types of electrical & electronics items & digital video camera, Supply of computer items – desktop & laptop, printer computer stationery, clothing/accoutrements & footwear – Supply of personal kitting uniform items including blazer, shirts, trouser, track suits, accoutrements & footwear, Supply of packing material/corrugated boxes – sponge, foam, Hessian, polythene sheets, felt, corrugated/steel boxes, steel/plastic strips, carpentry consumables, ropes, Hiring of Civil transport – Passenger vehicle, load carrying vehicle. | Due on 29-Aug-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Sugar | Uttar Pradesh | TID: 11373550
1. Supply of Juice Heater/Vapour Line Juice Heater.
2. Supply of Under Feed Roller.
3. Supply of Quad Body/Evaporator Body Calandria.
4. Mechanical/Electronic Weighbridge Annual Maintenance Contract.
5. CCTV Camera Annual Maintenance Contract.
6. Annual Maintenance Contract of Cane Weighment System (Hardware, Computer, Printer & UPS).
7. Supply of Computer Stationery.
| Due on 14-Aug-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Sugar | Uttar Pradesh | TID: 11374821
9 Supply of Juice Heater / Vapour line Juice Heater 170 sq meter, Under Feed Roller, Quad Body / Evaporator Body Calandria 370, 440 sq meter, Mechanical / Electronic Weighbridge Annual Maintenance Contract, CCTV Camera Annual Maintenance Contract, Cane Weighment System (hardware, Computer Printer & UPS) Annual Maintenance Contract, Computer Stationery. | Due on 14-Aug-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
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